Email Marketing for Branding

Whether it is a conscious or unconscious decision your business has a “look.”

When you think of any major corporation or retailer you know their brand because of their visual image. So it’s imperative that you keep your emails in the consistent design associated with your other marketing materials.  Ensure that everything meshes and reinforces your overall brand identity.

Whatever your branding aim, keep your goal front of mind at all times and stay focused in the design of your message. Make sure that pictures support your brand. A poor design can immediately turn off potential customers. And, a great message can be lost, or overlooked, if it is not presented in a pleasing manner.

Another important fact is to keep your audience in mind. Design your email around what will impress and interest that particular population. What is engaging for one audience might put off another—know who you are talking to at all times. Some people need to be motivated, some need a bit of guilt, while others might need a glimpse into a better life, or promises of a brighter future. Know the wants, needs, likes, lifestyle and trends that pique the interest of your email recipient and design your email to be something that captivates them so they’ll want to know more!

Here’s another aspect of your email design that you may not have considered—fonts. The font you use for your email text delivers as much of a branding message as your actual words. You wouldn’t deliver a serious corporate email in comic sans, so take a moment to really consider your audience when you pick your fonts.

When you sit back and evaluate your email design you need to determine if your email was understood, accepted, and acted upon.

Each type of branding media you use has its own nuances and key design best practices. However, you need to keep a uniformity in look and messaging to avoid confusing your customers and prospects.


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