Improve Email Deliverability with Proper Coding

A business building email campaign is a terrible thing to waste.  While there are many factors that simply cannot be controlled related to email deliverability and appearance, there are certainly some design and coding basics that can really make all the difference in terms of arrival into to a recipient’s inbox and appearance of your message as intended.

Having your email message display incorrectly, not function properly, or not display at all is truly a waste of your important marketing budget. You can have the most  well thought out , meticulously crafted design but if it is not created/coded in way that makes it “work” all of your efforts might be in vain.

As web and ISP technology evolve, the intricacies associated with design and deliverability are keeping up in tandem. What may have worked years ago for email deliverability will simply not fly today. That’s why it is vital for marketers to make sure their team is up to date and well-versed in “best practices.”

Important Facts to Keep in Mind

Today, marketers need to be cognoscente of the fact that their email message is being accessed through a wide variety of ISPs that each have their own nuances and abilities to co-exist and communicate with email clients.  It is imperative that during your test broadcast process you send to Outlook-based addresses, Yahoo, Gmail, AOL, (Mobile), etc. to be sure that your message is being delivered and displayed correctly across providers.

Another important fact to keep in mind is that in an on-the-go society you have few precious seconds to get a recipient to read your email. Most people now look at just the first few lines they see in the preview pane to decide if they want to continue reading the message. If all they see is a blank screen because your message is either not functioning or designed incorrectly, you have no way to convince them to devote any more of their time to your communication.

Additionally, more and more email messaging is being accessed on mobile phones and mobile devices. As a matter of fact, it’s been reported that in 2011 in the United States up to 25% of people  have become mobile only, meaning that they do not use, or very rarely use, a desktop or laptop to access the web. What might appear centered and well designed on a computer screen can be skewed and completely off-screen on a mobile device or phone. Be sure  that your email is no wider than 550-650 pixels and coded properly in HTML not CSS,

Additionally, in designing your email realize that having your text flush far right or left under a banner or around picture could result in no text showing on a mobile screen without the user having to go and look for it!

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