Common Email Design Mistakes to Avoid

Email design mistakes have a lot more to do with your ultimate email marketing success than you may realize. More than putting a pretty face on your message, the design of your email can really make or break your campaign.

Combine both images and text in your email design for the most effective messaging.  If graphics are stripped from your emails due to the recipient’s preference, they’ll at least be able to read your text. If your entire email is one large image—and a recipient has their preferences set not to display images—they will only see a big blank screen. If you must use an image as the dominant form of communication (we know, some graphic designers won’t have it any other way), then insert a link at the top of the email that lets people read the message on a hosted web page.

Do not use background images unless you are OK with them not showing up in certain email clients. Be certain the email will not lose its integrity if those images do not appear. The same holds true if you plan to use an animated GIF.

The area on your computer screen that is viewable without scrolling down is said to be “above the fold.” Think of it as the area you see on a newspaper without having to unfold it to see the bottom of the page. When you only have a few moments to catch a recipient’s attention be sure that your most compelling information is up on top. This information is especially important when you take into consideration that many people view their emails in a preview screen, tablet, or on their phone which cuts down your critical area even further.

If you don’t capture someone’s curiosity to read more they will never get to “meat and potatoes” of your message.

Avoid Common Email Design Mistakes such as these:

  • One big image
  • Too many Exclamation Points!!!
  • Too many colors
  • Emails that are too long
  • Avoid Flash & Videos
  • Keep your “look” constant across media


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