Multi-Tasking Marketing

Maybe it is because I am a woman, or because i’m certified personal trainer, but the concepts of multi-tasking and multi-muscle movements also need to be applied to today’s marketing initiatives.

Unlike Multi-Channel marketing where you span your efforts over different media, Multi-Tasking Marketing spans multi channels within in one project.

Gone are the days of using postcards just for mailbox deliveries. Now we need to
add QR codes to boost web traffic, social media icons to boost page “likes”, and coupons that can be used both online or instore.

We need to become an industry of marketing multi-taskers in order to keep up with the mountain of channels that now need to be addressed in any given day.  It is now a necessity to develop multi-faceted programs into every campaign or risk being left behind.

Newsletters vs vNewsletters
It has become a normal part of any business to send out monthly eNewsletters to clients. But taking this to the next level, a vNewsletter lets you upgrade something you do normally via email and now include social and web activities.

Unlike a normal eNewsletter, a vNewsletter contains links to videos that can either be hosted on YouTube or similar or on your site it you have the storage room. The video can be embedded so that the traffic is being sent to your website or social media page. Additionally, you are quite literally able to demonstrate a product or engage in conversation with your customers.

Having the videos on You Tube or similar enables you to develop your channel and gain viewers and exposure for your company outside of those who would subscribe to the eNewsletter.

Brochures vs vBrochures
Every company usually has either a tri-fold or full-scale brochure displaying their company’s offerings. While these items are essential for trade shows or networking events, adding a vBrochure can take your marketing efforts to a new level.

By adding QR codes to your brochure so that you can take your brochure stories and put them into action represents a huge advancement in what your normally print-only brochure can accomplish.

Again, hosting these product or service videos on You tube or similar or on your web will gain you all the advantages noted above. So a traditional print piece can now become a SEO and social tool for your business.

As we all learn more and have more at our disposal the challenges of conducting a well rounded marketing program continue to escalate. Engaging in Multi-Tasking Marketing enables us to do more and accomplish more with each campaign.

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