But wait…I have more to tell you!

So you’ve done all your pre-show marketing, you were diligent in your “at show” social and direct marketing, but now what? Once the show is over the work really begins because you have a lot more to say.

The Usefulness of Being Unique
After the show attendees will be barraged by follow up post-show materials. How will you stand out in the crowd? There is tremendous benefits to being both unique and useful.

Here’s some ideas:
– Send a video Newsletter (Vnewsletter) many people will send post show emails or print mail pieces. Be different by taking it up a notch. Your email newsletter can link to videos hosted on your website or YouTube or similar.( Read more on Vnewsletters.)
– Host an immediate post show webinar or online TV show
– Host a social media web chat
– Offer a unique discount to only those who stopped by your booth. This is especially beneficial if you had a booth giveaway. We are sorry you didn’t win but here is a coupon for a percentage off, or free something, etc.  This is a great way for your salespeople to connect with leads that may have just dropped their card and not engage in conversation with a booth staff member.

Leads Have Needs
In your trade show follow ups, it is not about you–it’s about them. In your pre-show and “at show” marketing your job was to tell prospects all about your business so they’d get curious enough to stop by and find out more.

Now with the leads you collected at the show your priority has changed. Presumably, if the person made the time commitment to stop by and chat, you returned the favor by taking the time to find out–about their business.

Your post-show follow ups to leads that stopped by your booth should be at least semi-customized to translate how your products and services can meet their immediate and long-term needs.

At this point they know who you are and they hopefully know what you do by the conversation in the booth and your marketing efforts.  You don’t need yet another mailing or email to again tell them the same information. Now is the time to take on a more consultative approach and demonstrate with concrete examples of how you can help.

Pre-Plan Your Post

Sitting around waiting for your post show list to show up before you start working on your post show efforts can be a real momentum killer.

Be sure that you have all your plans in place so that the day your staff is back in the office you are in action with a clear cut program of who does what, who calls, who readies your post show marketing, who sets up your after show social media, website updates, etc.

Trade shows are expensive. The only way to recoup your leads is to have a solid lead and attendee follow up strategy. When you engage in your initial pre-show plans make sure that you take it all the way through to the end..and beyond. Coming out with a profitable venture all depends on what you put into it. Get your message out and don’t ever feel like you lost the opportunity to tell your story.

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